Medical technology

high functional safety thanks to reliable connections
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connections for medical technology

With our systems, we support you in meeting all of your connection technology requirements. In addition, our specially tailored PC-based controls offer holistic solutions for all types of machines. All necessary monitoring strategies can be connected to your IT systems via our STRUNK MES channels and systems, thus enabling seamless traceability.


Modern pacemakers are highly complex devices that house electronics, a battery and one to three electrodes in a very small space. With our semi- and fully automatic resistance welding systems, you can reliably connect the smallest and most sensitive wires from the battery to the pacemaker. We guarantee compliance with the highest medical technology standards and quality requirements.

Slip rings

Slip rings play an important role in the transmission of signals and energy in many devices. With our processes, we create connections from slip rings to electrical conductors without damaging the contact or sliding surfaces.

Drive technology/Servo motors

As in electrical engineering, the advantages of providing the electric motors contained in medical devices with material-to-material connections predominate. However, these applications are generally characterized by miniaturization. Our systems help you to industrialize and manufacture your products with maximum reliability.

Our semi- and fully automatic system solutions support you in connecting phase and star points to cables and contact elements in the miniature motors typical of today’s medical technology.