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Compacting – compressing cable ends or strands to exact final dimensions

The term compacting refers to the compression of cable ends or strand ends by resistance welding. With this, exact geometries with high surface quality can be realized without burrs and brooms. The absence of gaps in our tool technology enables you to compact even fine strips with almost no burrs.

When compacting, cable welding processes with high driving force and enhanced tool technology are used in order to achieve the final dimensions within the shortest possible welding times and to minimize the heat input.

Compacting can take place as a preliminary process for a subsequent welding process. However, it is also suitable to prevent wire ends from splicing or to replace the wire end ferrule in order to be able to mount the compressed cable in a housing, for example.

If compacting is followed by a welding process, this can be made easier by pre-compacting. In the case of automated processes, precompacting results in additional monitoring (2 processes).

Compacted cable ends / strand ends can be assembled, overlapped welded or butt welded. Subsequent to the compacting, a cutting, punching or calibration unit can, if desired, be attached, which enables the most precise final dimensions and surface quality. Even a round calibration is technically feasible. Compacted surfaces can also be compacted in such a way that a hole can be produced in the compacting surface with a punching calibration unit

Compacting is possible with single strands and twin cables as well as twisted pair and multiple sheathed cables. All of these variants can be carried out with the help of manual workstations, semi-automatic machines with a subsequent cutting and calibration station as well as fully automatic with subsequent welding and assembly processes. Insulated conductors or braided strands straight from the reel are suitable as the starting material and can be fully automatically compacted in-line using our special automatic stranding machines, variable in length and type.

Process-reliable welded connections for automotive electrical systems

In order to enable the production of different consecutive cross-sections without costly set-up times and downtimes, we also offer you modules with sequencer functionality. In addition, our range includes special modules for linear transfer systems with lifting tools.

Our modules with individual tools all have electrode cartridges and ceramic cartridges for quick change, which enable a quick changeover to a different application.


(Individual customer solution as an example)


KM15 for compacting cable ends

The KM15 system can be prepared as a module or table integration. The welding module with front cable feed including guarding …

S-MMD1 for compacting cable ends

Welding module with front cable feed including guarding and foot switch release …

KM-CFK compacting module for use on wire processing centers

The KM-CFK compacting module is designed for the production of end and through connections in the range from 0.34 to 6 mm2.

Special system for compacting large cross-sections (up to 120mm²)

STRUNK special system for customer-specific compacting applications of braids and HV cables …

Fully automatic braid for compacting braided braids as endless goods

Fully automatic welding system with integrated draw-and-punch unit for variable lengths and cross-sections up to 40mm². For the HV area also as a system …

Semi-automatic processing system for airbag twin and sheathed cables

Transfer chain system with manual strand feed including stripping of the twin cables and zero cut, double compacting unit …