we make your ideas work

Safety through prototypes

At the beginning of prototyping there is an idea that needs to be turned into reality. Based on this, we process your product layout for you and create the first drafts. This forms the basis for the first samples of the prototype phase. Then, in cooperation with the customer, the iteration stages follow and the customer tests until a functional model is finally created to present to you or your customer.

By prototyping and involving our team in the early phase, hurdles for industrialization and subsequent process stability can be identified and circumvented at an early stage. This minimizes risks and avoids possible problems in the processes of the subsequent production of your components and products. In addition, STRUNK verifies the technical feasibility over a larger number of parts and thus derives the necessary facts for the design of the series equipment.

Prototyping based on many years of experience

With our wealth of experience in the field of process technology and the extensive expertise of our employees, we have mastered the requirements in this field. With a certain amount of creativity we face every challenge and give you a straightforward appraisal of the application according to our values.